The Cathedral of Santiago is a sanctuary open every day of the year from 09: 00hs until 21: 00hs

All the information about the Christian All the information about the Christian Reception in the Ways (International Pilgrim Reception Center)

We receive all the pilgrims who arrive in the city to the Tomb of the Apostle Santiago el Mayor

The Compostela Holy Year is a time in which the Church grants unique spiritual thanks to the faithful

D. Julián Barrio Barrio

In the Holy Year we have to live with hope for the present moment, making them be able to meet Jesus, reminding them that God loves us, that Christ saves us, that he lives, making his Spirit inhabit us.

The Compostelano Holy Year continues to be a call to conversion that helps us to renew ourselves spiritually, remembering the contents of our faith and welcoming salvation without forgetting the urgency of being evangelizers in the midst of religious indifference, uncertainty moral and loss of the transcendent sense of life. It must favor the religious and spiritual awakening of people and Christian communities. The strengthening of hope in future goods will encourage the evangelization of society in line with the rich apostolic tradition. The Camino , the Pilgrimage and the celebration of the Holy Year must contribute to this objective

Pastoral Letter no Ano Santo Compostelano

Pilgrims' testimonies

Pilgrim with 89 years and a great devotion to Santiago

He arrived at the Delfina Pilgrim's Office, a Mexican pilgrim who, at 89, has walked from Sarria to Santiago....


  1. Apertura Puerta Santa

    December 31
  2. Encuentro de jóvenes

    05/08/2021 - 08/08/2021

Current news

Desde este fin de semana, en Boimorto, la imagen del Santiago peregrino ya recorre...

La imagen-relicario del Apóstol Santiago que fue bendecida hace una semana por el arzobispo, monseñor Julián Barrio, inició este...

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El arzobispo bendijo la imagen que recorrerá desde el próximo sábado toda la Archidiócesis Santiago, 22 de febrero de...

Monseñor Barrio bendecirá la imagen del Santiago peregrino que recorrerá la Diócesis para preparar...

Tendrá lugar este sábado día 22 de febrero en la Iglesia de San Fiz, en la Misa del...

Récord histórico de visitas al Museo Catedral de Santiago en el año 2019

El Museo alcanzó los 274.571 visitantes, 71.000 más que en el año 2018. Destaca el buen funcionamiento...

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