I walk with my heart and my senses open

The Lord often uses the Way of Saint James to ignite a deep conversion on many pilgrims. At the International Pilgrim Reception Center, their workers and ACC volunteers witness daily moving stories that show how God touches the hearts of pilgrims on their way. We share with the readers of our website this precious prayer addressed to the Father by a pilgrim. Upon arrival in Compostela, the simple and tender prayer of this pilgrim puts his whole life, his family, friends, coworkers, his worries and hopes before the Lord.

Holy Father:

More than asking, I think the important thing is to know why I walk.

I walk to be more attentive to the love you give me and how hard it is for me to accept.

I walk because I feel far from Claudia, because it is difficult for me to communicate with her, because I find it difficult to approach her.

I walk for things to change, knowing that if I want this to happen I must change.

I walk because I want to be your instrument. I walk for Orchy, for his happiness, so that he is happy, so that he knows how to appreciate the blessings he has, way to be able to respect his decisions.

I walk through Josema, so he can find the fire that you put inside him. I walk through Mariela, so that she can focus, so that she can achieve her desires, to be the cocoa she is, to allow her to help her and be close to her.

I walk through my marriage, so you can give me patience, love and the strength to continue happily.

I walk through my country, so that it is a place where my children want to live and enjoy, and so that all who live in it do so in a dignified way.

I walk those who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, power or money so that seeing beyond that slavery we can overcome them.

I walk through the office where I work, to be a source of tranquility, economic professional and growth for us employees and those who come in search of services.

Paths for Alia and her family, for Vero and her family, for July and her family, for Memena and her family and especially for Polibio and her family that need so much peace and tranquility.

I walk for my brothers and sisters and their respective families.